Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bromance or dinner preparation? Also, molting.

I....I don't even know anymore.

This all started with red Madexx, who had the indecency to spawn on the incorrect server.  Caelan came over to visit him anyway on her lowbie blood elf hunter, then we hung out in Uldum for a bit.  We were going through our stables when I pulled out Ravigote, who had the appearance of Spiteflayer.  It was love at first sight for Lyrea, so off we went to the Blasted Lands.  Spiteflayer, of course, was not up, but Grunter spawned as Ly passed.  (The poor little guy met his end at the hands of an 85 worgen druid; hopefully he knows we appreciated his welcome wagon greeting!)

One thing led to another while we kept an eye out for Spiteflayer and the truth came out - Ravi still wasn't clicking as yellow, despite my affection for the skin.  So we flew over to Terokkar Forest and I tamed Torgos, just to see if he'd click.

And then this is when things got really weird.

I was liking the feel of Ravi's new teal coloring, getting used to him by my side, when Cae brought out her new green Azerothian worm, Scholar.  He's an archaeologist worm, very bookish.  The pair of them looked great next to each other.  It was a happy moment of matching pets.

That was when Scholar decided to headbutt Ravi.

Now, for anyone who's familiar with Evangeline and Rancid, this is a sure sign of bonding between a bird and a worm.  Would Ravi respond in kind?  Suspense mounted....

Ravi demanded food.  Loudly.  Several times.

I emptied my supply of food into his stomach.  He continued to demand food.  I grumped at him, explaining that all the food was gone.  He proceeded to settle down and preen himself, casting the occasional glance at Scholar until...

He dropped a feather for him.

Cae and I burst out into disbelieving laughter.  Somehow, this had all happened again, only different.  Scholar is very down to earth (literally; he doesn't like heights) and Ravigote is a bottomless pit of a stomach.

I just....I really, really don't know.  This all also led to Evangeline molting and becoming what she was meant to be....

It took all five runs.  I was sleep-running by the third.  If Cae and I hadn't both known it was going to be that last run, I would never have made it.  She was flapping around toward the far end, flying in and out of my field of vision like a ghost.  I knew it was the right thing to do then; I could feel it.  When she shrank down by my side, it was right.  The bond that was never there with Aotona was finally present.

I'm sure Rancid will be okay with this; will have to wait until tomorrow to see.  I can't believe any of this...

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