Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm just mad about Saffron...

...and Saffron's finally mad about me.

Jambalaya chose her as his mate; I had no say in it.  He wanted Dishu and he got her.  That was Saffron.  But as happy as he was, I felt nothing for her; we had no connection.  I wanted to like her, I really did.  I'm not sure why we never really clicked....there just wasn't a spark.

We stayed like that for a long, long time.  We probably would have stayed that way indefinitely had Gondria not spawned.

No one wanted her.  Anyone interested wasn't high enough level to tame her.  Inexplicably, my thoughts turned to Saffron...  How could I do it, though?  Jambalaya would kill me.  But I felt nothing for her.  She's my pet; we should have a bond too.  So in an effort to help Saffron find herself, I made the painful decision to stand up to Jambalaya and guided her into Gondria's skin.  I was ready for anything, even if it meant Saffron would become Dishu again.

Saffron was furious.  In the beginning, that is.  But once she got over her initial indignation and sense of betrayal, she loved being a spirit beast.  Suddenly, she was powerful!  I was pretty surprised she got settled in so quickly, let alone at all.  Jambalaya was pretty peeved, but grudgingly understood in the end.  He didn't intentionally try to keep Saff from finding herself; he just didn't understand that she needed to.

It's taken a few days to be sure, but Saffron seems to have settled into this form for good.  It figures....she was once one of three cats; now she's one of three spirit beasts....but she is the only one who takes the form of a cat.

I don't even know anymore.  I never had any intention of taming Gondria ever and now she's staying?  How do these things keep happening?

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