Thursday, September 8, 2011

And suddenly, everything made sense

As much as I liked Jason, I wasn't really feeling the red hyena form after some time had passed.  I had already associated the name with my future (hopeful) hydra, due to a filmic version of Jason and the Argonauts pitting him against a hydra.  I have never liked Heracles as a character, so naming a potential hydra for Kalliope had been a massive undertaking.  Hence the hyena Jason never quite clicking.

I was at a loss for a new hyena, beyond the vague desire to try an orange one again.  I knew if I could figure out the name, everything else would fall into place.

It turned out I was right, because that's exactly what happened.

For some reason, I hadn't known that Calliope had a second son.  The most likely cause?  Linus was given different parents by various myths and I simply hadn't heard any involving Calliope until now.  Tragically, like his brother, he was violently killed.  Unlike his brother, he wasn't torn limb from limb by crazed disciples of Dionysus; he was killed by Heracles while attempting to teach him how to play the lyre.  No wonder I hadn't ever wanted Heracles in my stable.

Linus blended perfectly.  His orange-brown coloration would match Orpheus's similar brown-orange combination.  Instead of going for the slightly brighter orange from Tanaris, like I had for Kallisto all those months ago, I opted for Skarf, the duller orange hyena from Uldum.  (This is of course why I knew brown Madexx was up again, as mentioned in the previous post.  This is all completely Madexx's doing.)

I tossed down a freeze trap, since Sultan Oogah came with him.  Hilariously, Skarf dodged the trap, catching the Sultan in it.  The latter bobbed around amusingly as I tamed his mount out from under him.

Linus feels right.  Finally, I feel at peace with Kalliope's hyena.  Now I just need to make sure that Orpheus doesn't get jealous of him or anything silly like that.

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