Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cue love montage

Well, a few things happened tonight.  Madexx's influence strikes again!

For one, Remoulade is staying black.  He's incredibly quirky - always has been - and this suits him.

For another, I worked out some things with Kalliope's stable, which will be working themselves out later on.  I'll return to this in another post.

The highlight was Bait's transformation to a blue Jormunger, a very happy change.  This exciting skin change meant that Cae, Veph, and I were all in Storm Peaks.  A guy we've been helping camp for TLPD logged in while we were out here, so we jumped in to help him out.  We had all four spawns covered for a while, then Cae decided to rotate down to waterfall to visit with Bait, bringing Scholar with her.

As well as Scholar and Ravigote got along, this was pure romantic chemistry.  Bait and Scholar got themselves into a cuddling position on the side of the cliff at the waterfall spawn point and commenced a display of sappiness that would have put an army of baby murlocs to shame!  It was terribly adorable, so much so that Vyragosa spawned on top of us!  The happy couple then proceeded to dispatch her.


All four of us camping out

"Yep, she's dead, honey."

Cuddling over the kill - totally romantic

Needless to say, it was quite a successful camp!  With the exception of TLPD not turning up, of course. :/ (Update: he spawned less than 24 hours later - grats, Murph!)

(A small bonus note: brown Madexx spawned again on Dethecus after all this.  I just knew he was up and in brown.  Madexx knows what he's doing when he assigns colors!)

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